A New Look

As you can see, I’m trying out a new look here on┬ámy blog. I used to change themes almost weekly to keep things fresh but I found one I liked and stuck with it for a long time. Well, now it’s time to freshen up again. Let me know what you think of the new look by voting in the poll!



I’m what you might call a weekend warrior of poker (only play once a week). I haven’t been playing long but I really enjoy it, and I wanted to create something about the game. I just threw these together for fun, as a way of playing with some different tools in photoshop while at the same time, letting me play around with poker images. It’s nothing fancy I know, but they were still fun to make and they helped me learn a couple things. I hope you like them.


I saw a picture recently about courage, it was one of those motivational posters. The picture was of a single plant growing out of the desert sand. The caption read, ” the most courageous acts are accomplished in the quiet solitude of one’s soul.” I find that to be true and it was a really great poster, however it lacked a sense of reality to me. Naturally I decided to create something similar but with a little twist. I gave it a little sense of life, a visual representation of the struggles that life can throw at you as well as what waits for you in the future.

I believe that knowing what’s out there and having the determination to do what must be done and move on, is what courage really is. With any luck I was able to show that in a way that made sense. I hope you like it.

Dragon Age

I’m a gamer. I play all kinds of video games, everything from a shooter to a role-playing game. The latest in my list is a new game called Dragon Age Origins. For those of you who don’t know it, Dragon Age is a role-playing game made by BioWare. They have made some amazing games in the past and this one is no different! The world they’ve created is so deep in culture and so rich in it’s environments that it’s hard to pull myself away from it sometimes.

As part of the fun I’m having with this game I’ve decided to do a couple designs based on it. The first is just a simple wallpaper I put together. It was made for a resolution of 1440×900 desktop. I hope you like it!