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Marooned – Collaboration

As the title suggests, this piece was a collaboration between myself and Brian from Currents of Space.  Some of you have seen his work, but for those who haven’t, check him out. He’s incredible! We’ve been working on this for the better part of the last three weeks. We’ve put a lot of effort into this one and Brian was able to teach me a lot. So a big thank you to Brian and without further ado… Enjoy!

( I recommend full view for this one)


After tracking the strange energy signature for more than a week, the survey team decided it was worth the risk to attempt contact with it. With no documented evidence of aliens, beyond single cell organisms, found anywhere in the cosmos; if they were to discover some sort of intelligent life, there’s no telling the rewards that might be theirs.

Dropping through the upper reaches of the atmosphere, they could see a blue point of light pouring exotic particles into the sky from somewhere in the cloud wrapped mountains. The boson sensor readouts began fluctuating wildly as they drew nearer, and the froth of subatomic particles began to boil in the space around the ship. Suddenly the pilot gasped in terror as he watched all of their flight systems begin to power down with no apparent cause. Frantic, he tried to transfer full control to his manual hydraulic override. Only due to his skill at forestalling the inevitable were they able to successfully crashland their ship on the side of a mountain not far from the alien tower itself.

Now they are stranded with little supplies and not enough food; and the eerie energy put out by the tower is interfering with their long range communication equipment, making a call for help impossible. Marooned on a foreign world with no way home, their only hope of survival is to make their way to the tower and whatever mysteries lay inside.


Forgotten Waters

This is the third piece in my mountain top landscape series called “Forgotten Waters”. 

While exploring an isolated mountain range you find a peak that overlooks a massive lake that has not been touched by humans in centuries. It’s so pristine and clean that you’re not sure if you want to tell others for fear that it will be overrun and eventually destroyed.

I created this with a strong message in mind and hopefully I’ve been able to translate that to you through this piece. I recommend clicking the image for a better view. I hope you enjoy.

Art with an Impact

When you look at a piece of art do you get an idea of what the artist was feeling when they created it? Can you feel what they felt, whether that’s anger, sadness, peace? All art is a form of expressing emotion or telling a story, but not all art does that. From time to time you’ll come across a piece where everything comes together to give you that feeling or tell you a story. Many artists work for a long time trying to create something that is able to do that for people. I know that over the last six months I’ve tried to do it and it’s always difficult to know if any of your work has gotten the message across that you were hoping it would, or even get any message across at all. Since it’s difficult to know if you’re making an impact with your art, I decided I would share something with all of you. I plan to do this from time to time as a way of letting people know that their art isn’t going unnoticed. 

There is another blogger out there who creates amazing work that seems to always tell a story. His name is Brian from Currents of Space. He also goes by regulus on Solar Voyager and corleonis on Renderosity for those of you that know those sites as well. Some of the stories he tells really pull you into his art and take you to another place. It’s not difficult to get pulled into a place that is so beautifully created. I know there are times that I look at his art just to get a little escape from the day. He is one of those artists that has that effect with his work.

Brian is a great artist and a big part of the space art community. Head over to his blog and take a look for yourself at some of the beautiful space art he has over there and enjoy opening your imagination and exploring new places while you’re there!


An amature astronomer, living in a colony on one of the moons of his home world, looks into the night sky with his telescope only to see one of their other moons being struck by what looks to be some kind of weapon. As he stands there watching the destruction of something that has been there his entire life, thoughts begin screaming in his mind. The thought that is screaming the loudest is, “If this is an attack, how much longer do we have?”

Just something quick I put together (just under two hours). I had an idea for a little story and decided to give it a try. I only spent about an hour and a half on this one so it’s far from perfect but I think it’s still fun. I hope you all enjoy.

Above the Clouds

For those of you who saw my landscape/terraspace post a few days ago, here is the first images from those works in progress. In that previous post I asked the question, should I make a landscape or terraspace. Well, I made both so you can decide which you like better. This is my second attempt at a landscape and my first attempt at a terraspace piece. I really had fun making these so I’ve decided to make a small series of landscapes like these. So, here they are. I hope you enjoy them.

Wings of the Heavens

The primitive inhabitants of the planet we call Medrona look up every day to worship their god Anevay. Where we see just a supernova remnant, the people of Medrona see a giant bird who protects and looks after them.

This is my first time using pretty much every technique used in this image so let me know what you think. Any constructive criticism is welcome. I hope you enjoy.

Landscape/Terraspace WiP

This is something I’m working on at the moment. It’s a long way from done but I wanted to share with you to see what kind of thoughts you have about it so far. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it as just a landscape image or make it into a terraspace (landscape of another world) image. This is still a low quality image, not much detail to it yet but it gives you an idea of what it might look like when it’s done.  Let me know what you think so far and should it be a landscape or terraspace.

Here are some earlier versions as well.