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Art with an Impact

When you look at a piece of art do you get an idea of what the artist was feeling when they created it? Can you feel what they felt, whether that’s anger, sadness, peace? All art is a form of expressing emotion or telling a story, but not all art does that. From time to time you’ll come across a piece where everything comes together to give you that feeling or tell you a story. Many artists work for a long time trying to create something that is able to do that for people. I know that over the last six months I’ve tried to do it and it’s always difficult to know if any of your work has gotten the message across that you were hoping it would, or even get any message across at all. Since it’s difficult to know if you’re making an impact with your art, I decided I would share something with all of you. I plan to do this from time to time as a way of letting people know that their art isn’t going unnoticed. 

There is another blogger out there who creates amazing work that seems to always tell a story. His name is Brian from Currents of Space. He also goes by regulus on Solar Voyager and corleonis on Renderosity for those of you that know those sites as well. Some of the stories he tells really pull you into his art and take you to another place. It’s not difficult to get pulled into a place that is so beautifully created. I know there are times that I look at his art just to get a little escape from the day. He is one of those artists that has that effect with his work.

Brian is a great artist and a big part of the space art community. Head over to his blog and take a look for yourself at some of the beautiful space art he has over there and enjoy opening your imagination and exploring new places while you’re there!


A Big Honor

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile. As most of you know, I share my work in an art community called Deviant Art. There are a huge number of amazingly talented artists on there and one of them goes by the name Qaz2008. Every so often he puts together a collection of what he sees as some of the best pieces in the community. Today was the release of his newest collection and I was lucky enough to get a feature in it! He decided to include “The Alignment”.

This goes a long way toward becoming more noticed and allowing more people to enjoy what I do, but most importantly it’s a big honor. So thank you Qaz for including me in your feature.

You can all check out the collection on Deviant Art to see what other amazing pieces were chosen.

Featured Artist

I’m not sure how long this lasts for but I’m a featured artist for the Space Art Club on Deviant Art. Take a look before they find someone else!!

A New Look

As you can see, I’m trying out a new look here on my blog. I used to change themes almost weekly to keep things fresh but I found one I liked and stuck with it for a long time. Well, now it’s time to freshen up again. Let me know what you think of the new look by voting in the poll!

Astronomy Fact : New solar system forming!

I have a new fact for you but for this one I’m not going to tell you about it. I’m going to let you see it for yourself. Here it is, it’s pretty interesting. What you’re looking at as they explain is the edge on view of a solar system being born. You can see the star in the center of it and the disc of dust circling around it. It’s easiest to see if you pause for a sec to get a good look at it.

A New Series and Facebook

I’m currently working on a short series of paintings. They’ll be based on a common theme and should be pretty interesting. I don’ t want to give out too much information just yet but keep a look out for the first painting. I’m hoping to have it up soon and you’ll be able to find out what the theme is once the painting is posted.

You can also stay updated on my newest paintings and thoughts by becoming a fan on Facebook. Yes, I feel like I’ve crossed to the dark side by putting my blog on Facebook but I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to keep up with what’s going on, even when all you have is your cell phone. So, become a fan and keep an eye out for the new series

No Painting… yet

Hi everyone, sorry there is no new painting yet. I’ve been having a bit of a problem. As I’m sure you all know, I’ve sort of gotten into space art. I love creating images of other worlds and being able to play with the imagination. That’s where my problem comes in. Since my last painting, I’ve been stuck. I can’t seem to come up with a concept for my next one.

I don’t know how other artists come up with ideas for their paintings, but I get ideas from things I see driving down the road or on tv or in a movie. Lately, I haven’t been hit by any inspiration. So how do you all come up with ideas for your paintings? What inspires you to create something? I’m looking for something to get me moving again and I hope someone out there can give me a hand. If you have any helpful hints or even an idea for what you think I should try to make, let me know.